Spring 2007


My second golfing trip of the year took place in March, without the traumas that we had experienced in January. This time, we arrived on time on the Thursday afternoon, again from Leeds-Bradford, and enjoyed an Italian meal at Bella Napoli at Isla Canella. The three rounds we played this time were at Castro Marim, Costa Esuri, and Benamore, before our flight back to the UK on the Sunday evening. I think it is just as well we headed back to UK when we did, before the Fashion Police caught up with, and prosecuted the lack of sartorial elegance of Brianís golfing outfit!


Our next trip to CE was with daughters Helen and Claire, at Easter time. Helen was to be married in May, so this was a chance to spend some quality time with her and her sister before the wedding. However, Claire had not long started a new relationship, so most of her week was spent on the phone back to her boyfriend in the UK! She would probably have saved a small fortune if she had stayed at home.


I had put up a wicker screen between our Apartment Terrace and next door, to give us both a bit of privacy. However, as I sat on the terrace one day, I thought I heard a noise from the other side. Just as I looked over, so did a young lady on the other side, and we managed to give each other a bit of a fright! Anyway, when we had recovered, and started chatting, it turned out her parents had also bought an Apartment on Rago 2, and were staying next door whilst they did the setting up thing. We eventually met up with Mike & Claire in the temporary Club House, and enjoyed both of their company at the Club House, and Mikeís on the golf course, during the week.


The big event during the week prior to Easter is Semana Santa. We were enthralled by the evening procession through the streets of Ayamonte, and the ornate floats, costumes and musical accompaniment. The escorts accompanying the floats carry large candles, and it seems that it is a tradition for the children in the crowds to gather molten wax from the candles, and form an ever increasing ball of wax as the evening progresses. No doubt it would be banned in the UK on the grounds of Health & Safety! We now have Spanish TV in the Apartment, and much air time is given over to coverage of this festival from many different Cities and Regions of Spain.


After Helenís wedding on the Saturday before the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, our next trip started on the Tuesday following the Bank Holiday Monday. This time, an early start from Leeds-Bradford necessitated a stay at the Britannia Hotel near the Airport. In contrast to the stay at the hotel of the same chain in Manchester, the Leeds-Bradford Britannia Hotel proved to be very modern and comfortable, and we enjoyed our stay there the night before our flight. Our week in Costa Esuri proved a welcome rest from the hustle and bustle of Helens wedding, and was most welcome.