Directions from Seville Airport to Ayamonte:-


Leave the airport carpark and follow the signs for SALIDA out of the airport. Keep to the left hand lane and follow signs for E5 SEVILLA & CORDOBA. Stay over to the left and follow signs for SEVILLA & CADIZ off to the left.


Follow the signs for E5 & N1V towards SEVILLA & CADIZ after a couple of miles you will see a sign for HUELVA, E1 and A49. Make sure you are in one of the two left hand lanes and you will merge into another motorway.


Keep following signs for HUELVA and after apprx 20km you will merge with another motorway, be sure to be in the left hand lane and folw the signs for HUELVA. This will take you off to merge with another motorway.


After approx 7km you will see the signs for PORTUGAL and/or AYAMONTE. Ignore signs for Huelva now and follow the signs for PORTUGAL/AYAMONTE.


Drive for approx 50 mins and ignore the first two turn offs for Ayamonte. Take the exit which says AYAMONTE NORTE/ACCESSO PLAYA.


First right off the exit takes you onto Costa Esuri




To return keep on the A49 signposted SEVILLA all the way and then as soon as you see the CORDOBA sign follow those which then show the "airplane" on the signs for the Airport.